If Ilhan Omar had any self-awareness at all she would realize how bad the optics are of her spending the past week basically siding with Iran and against America.

Psst … Ilhan, you’re a U.S. representative.

Act like it.

Trish Regan gave Ilhan a reality-check to end all reality-checks:

‘What about our military’s mothers and fathers defending America overseas that Iran has killed and WANTS to kill?’ Yeah, Ilhan, what about America’s kids? We get it, she has this really important, ‘Trump bad’ narrative to push but at this point, all she’s really doing is making herself look worse.

But Iran was just being an innocent country doing innocent stuff … not funding, supporting, and enabling terrorists or anything. TRUMP BAD!


You’d think?

Let’s hope her constituents have been paying attention and realize she has no intention of serving on their behalf.


Not all that unbelievable, anymore.




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