If you find yourself ever writing the words, ‘Schiff is correct,’ it might be time to put the Twitter down. Especially if you’re trying to slam Ted Cruz for explaining to Schiff why his tweet about Soleimani and imminent danger was stupid.

We’re not sure if this is a personality defect of #NeverTrump or if Patterico has himself a pretty nasty case of TDS.

Maybe both.


Imagine hating Trump so much that you can’t accept or even admit that removing a terrorist responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people was a good thing. We’ve seen so much of this attitude, even with the people of Iran protesting against their government in the streets … it’s still ‘orange man bad.’

Yeah, that seems like a bad policy to us as well.

Ok, it seems like a personality thing.

This was not the hill to die on, dude.

Not many do.


Truer words have never been spoken.

Let the backpedaling begin:

Sure. It’s not that his tweet was stupid, it’s that the people of Twitter aren’t smart enough to read his tweets.


It’s all about the virtue-signaling, sadly.




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Editor’s note – We corrected a typo in this article. – sj