A Facebook glitch helped Greta Thunberg’s mask slip a little.

Or should we say it helped her dad’s mask slip a little?


From The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, a Facebook glitch revealed who’s posting on climate change alarmist Greta Thunberg’s Facebook page: her father Svantes Thunberg and “Climate Crisis activist” Adarsh Prathap.

“[A] bug that was live from Thursday evening until Friday morning allowed anyone to easily reveal the accounts running a Page, essentially doxing anyone who posted to one,” Wired reported Friday.

“We quickly fixed an issue where someone could see who edited or published a post on behalf of a Page when looking at its edit history,” Facebook responded to the controversy in a statement. “We are grateful to the security researcher who alerted us to this issue.”

But wait, we thought it was a young teenage girl trying to save the planet who was posting these things. You mean it’s her dad who is basically exploiting her and some guy we’ve never heard of doing the posting?

Gosh, we’re shocked. So very shocked.

Or not.

No, not really.


We see what they did here.

And that’s the sad truth of the whole thing.



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