Nancy Pelosi is trying really hard to pretend the House did their job when working on the articles of impeachment around Trump, but anyone who has been paying any attention to this mess knows this is a bunch of malarky. From whining about McConnell not allowing an unbiased trial (funny, right?) to babbling nonstop about how the Senate should call more witnesses (that they chose not to), she’s really all-in on making it seem like it’s the Senate’s fault when Trump is acquitted.

Remember, she didn’t want to impeach Trump in the first place but she gave in and now she’s having to ‘fix it’ for the Democrats.

As Brit Hume points out, this is not working in her favor:

What Nancy really means when she says ‘fair trial’ is, ‘ Do it my way so Americans don’t see what a crappy and partisan job we did in the House.’

But their vapid base doesn’t seem to know that, so they’ll keep pretending this is somehow on McConnell.

And that same vapid base will eat it up with a spoon because orange man bad.

Or even before that.

Political theatre is exactly what this is.

And a gold star for using the correct form of theatre here.

Someone should tell Nancy.



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