We have joked about this impeachment sham and mocked Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and the rest of the Democratic circus for the mess they’ve made of this entire process. But joking aside, they are well and truly doing damage to Democrats who want to run for president in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders … they will be stuck in a trial instead of campaigning. And let’s be frank, it’s highly unlikely the Senate will find Trump guilty, so not only does he win in that regard, but two of his opponents could miss Iowa and Nevada.

Maybe Nancy is secretly a Joe Biden supporter.

From Politico:

There are many ways Elizabeth Warren can continue her presidential campaign from Washington during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: Surrogates in Iowa, national TV appearances and on social media.

But while the Massachusetts senator has said for months that “some things are more important than politics” — like impeachment — she now admits that with three weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, there’s simply no substitute for being there.

And Trump says thanks, Nancy.

What that means is the DNC has all but chosen their horse in Joe Biden.

Like Hillary, it’s ‘his turn’ now.

You watch.



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