Brit Hume just came to chew gum and kick butt, and he’s almost out of gum.

Ok, not really, this editor just likes to write that about Brit because he’s such a gentleman, even when he’s dropping idiots like Sen. Chris Murphy. Wait, is that disrespectful to call a senator an idiot?

Our bad.

We especially like it when Brit and other conservatives find a way to slam them with their own words/tweets.

Like this one:

Huh. Trump has rendered America impotent in the Middle East.

Ya’ don’t say?

And this tweet is still up … EL OH EL.


Trump says yes, Chris says no.

Trump says high, Chris says low.

Trump says hot, Chris says cold.

It’s not about what is best for Chris’ constituents or even the country … it’s just about disagreeing with Trump. Talk about an empty and useless politician.

Chris is so special.

Fair point.




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