George Lopez offered to assassinate Trump for half of the bounty Iranian authorities put out on the president’s head.

People are claiming this was a joke.

HAHA, right?

Except this isn’t funny, at all.


He’s clearly desperate for attention, any attention. Even if that attention is from the Secret Service.

Years ago, this editor saw Lopez perform in Denver and he was SO funny and so entertaining … and now he’s just so angry and so nasty.

Trump broke him and so many others and they’re all so very, very broken.

But it’s ok because ORANGE MAN BAD.

If any comedian had made a joke like this about Obama there would buildings on fire and people in the streets demanding his job but since it’s Trump, eh.

It’s just a joke, y’all.


From the Daily Caller:

Comedian George Lopez responded to news of a call on Iranian state television for an $80 million bounty on President Donald Trump’s head by saying “We’ll do it for half.”

Trump on Thursday ordered the drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani near a Baghdad airport. Both the president and the Department of Defense defended the killing as an action against “imminent” threats posed by the Quds general to U.S. diplomats and service members.




We could go on and on here.


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