If Patricia Arquette’s goal during the Golden Globes was to remind Americans why they’re sick of Hollywood, even though Ricky Gervais did an outstanding job of trying to remind these elitists to just get their awards and shut up, she succeeded.

And what’s the deal with the sunglasses? This is such a strange clip.


She’s so deep, man. Yeah, man. Trump is dropping bombs, man.

Talk about condescending and insufferable.

Just shut up and act, lady.

Yup. They think because they play pretend for a living that makes them experts on everything.

They’re wrong, of course.

Amen amen amen.

We didn’t want to say anything but … wow. Those are definitely new.


Yeah, this editor is immature, and in other news a pig’s backside is pork.

That’s because she shoulda’ listened to Ricky.



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