The only talking point from the Left we’re seeing as much as ‘Trump didn’t get Congress’ permission to kill that super popular and handsome Iranian general’ is about how he was really bad for ripping up Obama’s genius Iran Nuclear Deal.

Because you know, giving the Iranians a bunch of money and taking their word that they wouldn’t build nukes was totally working.


But hey, whatever helps these peeps sleep better at night.

If Trump had only stayed in that crappy deal.


AG (who used to be AG_Conservative), was good enough to explain why the Iran Nuclear Deal talking point is stupid:

It was only about the NUKES, man. They weren’t trying to stop them from being terrorists … duh.

But … orange man bad?

So they gave them a bunch of money.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t do it.

Gosh, it doesn’t sound like that RAD Iran Nuclear Deal was doing a whole lot.

More aggressive SINCE they deal.

Yeah, Obama’s deal sucked.

And here we are.

You’re welcome.



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