That this thread on Trump’s actions around Soleimani being constitutionally legitimate comes from David French is a big deal because if you are familiar with French at all you know he’s not exactly a Trump fan boy.

And for him to write an entire thread debunking Democrats screeching about congressional authorization is therefore pretty significant.

Take a gander.

We also kinda sorta love that he’s dunking on Chris ‘Flip-flop’ Murphy.

There’s yer congressional authorization, ya’ whiners. They just cannot accept that what Trump did here was a good thing.

So suck it.

Ok, French said this far more eloquently than we did but still.

Like Soleimani.

How ya’ like them apples?

This was really well-written and again, since French has been openly critical of Trump, no one can accuse him of being a partisan ‘hack’ here.

Well, they’ll accuse him anyway because what he said makes too much sense and totally takes their talking points apart BUT anyone not already looking for a reason to pretend Trump is the bad guy here will at least take a moment to consider what he wrote.

And that’s pretty legit all on its own.



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