All this editor can say after reading this thread about Durham and John Brennan is break out the snacks NOW, because this is going to get really, really good.

The New York Times published an article called, ‘Durham Is Scrutinizing Ex-C.I.A. Director’s Role in Russian Interference Findings’ … right, we were surprised it came from the NYT as well.

Which is another bad sign for all Brennan.

Check this thread out; it’s long but definitely worth your time.

Yeah, don’t tell the Left.

‘Crown Material.’



Brennan wanted them to use the defunct Steele dossier.

Alrighty then.


So is Comey taking the hit to protect Brennan?


Liar liar liar.


Isn’t this called perjury?

Don’t we all?

Totally between us.

This. Is. Terrifying.


Just keep this between us, ok? Since you know, we weren’t supposed to tell anyone …



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