C’mon, you knew this was coming.

One of the first things we did last night after the Democrats passed their silly articles of impeachment was go look at Sean Spicier’s (@sean_spicier) timeline. Ok, the literal first thing we did was point and laugh at Resistance-types who thought Trump was actually being removed from office and THEN we wandered over to our favorite parody’s timeline to see what he had tweeted.

And as usual, we weren’t disappointed.

You’d think by NOW they’d have figured out he’s not really him … but nope.

Could have gone our whole lives without this visual, thanks Sean.


We can tell you firsthand from reading through the #Impeached45 thread there are lots and lots and lots of people who had no idea what the impeachment meant and MANY of them thought for sure it meant Trump was done being president. Imagine their shock (and outrage) when that was clearly not the case.

We’re not sure where Jim thinks he saw Trump calling for foreign interference. Maybe he’s thinking of that time Obama was caught on a hot mic admitting he’d be more flexible with Russia after his election.

This entire impeachment sham has embarrassed the Democratic Party and indeed has caused some folks to jump the donkey ship.

Spicer hasn’t been around for years, and the guy still triggers these people.

If only they’d look for that little blue check.

But then what would we write about?

Vin isn’t very nice.


Dance, Spicey, dance!

Too easy.




We adore when someone who calls someone else dumb is clearly not the brightest bulb in the batch.

Stalin, not a good look.

Che, not a good look.

ANNNNND we’re dead.

Greta has indeed made an impact.

And not a great one.


They still think he’s him.

Too funny.



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