True story: Trump may well be the master of trolling, not only on Twitter but in real life.




Look how outraged Sen. Chris Murphy is over receiving a ‘Christmas package’:

Sheesh, what a Grinch.

This is so great.

Only Trump would think to send a Christmas card with his letter blasting Nancy Pelosi … this editor LOVES it.

Too damn funny.

And so festive.

Murphy’s reaction is exactly what Trump was going for.

We wouldn’t put it past them. It’s as impeachable as the other crap they impeached him over.

Article Three: Upsetting Democrats with a Christmas card.

And God bless us, every one.

And never fear, the letter was sent to the House as well.

Just not the cool Christmas cards.

AOC was not thrilled but hey, at least she didn’t get any coal.

We’re so sorry this is happening to you.

So mad.


No amount of impeaching will ever be enough to stop their butthurt over this president, and it’s sorta glorious.



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