So let us get this straight.

Democrats impeach Trump (sorry, the House didn’t do it, Democrats did).

And now Nancy Pelosi is sitting on the impeachment because Laurence Tribe told her to? DAFUQ? Mark Levin wrote a short thread about how stupid and unconstitutional this really is …

They’ve been brazenly unconstitutional from the get-go, why stop now?

This sounds like … wait for it … OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

See, we can throw those accusations around too.

If Mitch declared the impeachment null and void the Left would lose their freakin’ minds. Well, lose them more than they have already. Talk about an implosion and explosion all at once.

It must be defeated and mocked … a lot.

What a damn joke this whole thing has been.

Right? That’s a thing now …

Impeach Pelosi!

Short, sweet, and done.

She’s terrified of what the Senate might do with their carefully crafted articles of impeachment, that they will be exposed for the partisan sham this entire mess has always been. Plus she knows they will only vote to acquit Trump, taking away their little ‘win’.

Can you imagine taking Larry Tribe’s advice seriously?


Ding ding ding.



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