Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats really wanted Americans to believe they didn’t have a choice but to impeach Trump because he’s just SO AWFUL and it’s their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY.

She tried very hard to paint a picture of a somber and sad day for the House but we all knew what was really going on. And in case anyone bought into this portrait they desperately tried to paint they need look no further than this video from Rashida Tlaib.


Rashida is just awful.

Hardly sad or somber.

THIS is who they were while impeaching the president with articles of impeachment that included ZERO crimes … joyous.

And just awful.

Democrats do have a tendency to trip over themselves.

Good point. Nancy really wanted her face to be the somber, patriotic face of the Democratic Party but nope, the joyous, nasty glee of Rashida really is.

And Americans know this.

She is grossly unprofessional and pretty awful.

Fair point.


And there it is.



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