For this whole impeachment of Trump thing being such an emergency and a process they needed to rush, Democrats seem very comfortable with sitting by and doing nothing now. It’s almost like they were full of crap or something.

And they’re usually so honest and transparent.

Ouch, our sides.

Jim Jordan said it best:

Jim didn’t pull a single punch.

And he’s right.

They used the Constitution to pretend they were doing something for the country instead of just admitting this was always a partisan attack on Trump because they can’t accept they lost in 2016.

But we thought Hillary magically became president if Trump was impeached.

Isn’t it her turn or something?


This this this. ^


He could be onto something here, which is terrifying.

And isn’t THIS actual obstruction?

They’ve known all along, which makes this just really … well, dumb.

What was the point?

Remember, Nancy tried to push back on impeaching Trump in the beginning. She knew it wouldn’t end well.

Just like we did.



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