Inspector General Horowitz is scheduled to appear before the Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee on Wednesday. Another day, another interview, right? Jason Beale has a very specific idea for how Senator Johnson should question Horowitz that we totally support.

Check it out.


This would be so great and we can’t think of any other elected official who deserves this more than Schiff.


The only thing that would make this line of questioning better is if there was a camera set on Schiff’s face so we could watch his eyes gradually bug out even more, question after question. True story, this editor thought nobody’s voice would ever annoy her more than Obama’s, but man, Schiff is giving the former president a run for his money in this category.

Heads would explode on the Left …

And there would be great rejoicing.

Look at everyone helping Johnson come up with questions.

The Right is full of givers.


Do it!



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