One of the big debates we’ve seen taking place since the IG report dropped last week is about whether the FBI was actually politically biased in their investigation of the Trump campaign or if they were just too stupid about their own jobs to know any better.

Undercover Huber was good enough to clear it up:

Pretty sure the FBI wasn’t incompetent.

Don’t get us wrong, they seem like total Keystone Cops NOW but the fact they interviewed Steele’s source who literally said it wasn’t legit but didn’t bother to say or do anything about it? That’s not incompetent, that’s deliberate.


And well, they’ll give plenty of explanations and the media will work overtime to make them sound legit but true story, they will never be plausible.

We’re really starting to think their goal was to undermine the president all along.

Nothing about Comey has aged well.

Plus it all goes back to the previous administration never thinking Hillary would lose.

Could be? Things could definitely start getting very interesting …

Probably not because he was incompetent.

Just sayin’.

Imagine how awful your situation really is if the best outcome for you is that people believe you were totally incompetent.

That’s Comey’s FBI.



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