Remember when Democrats held focus groups to figure out what ‘crime’ they could charge Trump with that would resonate best with their base? The picked bribery based on what was popular versus what was factual, and it bit them in the arse because the word bribery was only mentioned once during testimony and it was in reference to BIDEN … not Trump.

So you know when they saw these poll numbers this morning they started panicking. Ok, that may not be a fair statement, we’re pretty sure they’ve been panicking for a few months now but it likely ticked up a bit this morning.

Support for impeachment is officially underwater.

Who knew trying to impeach Trump with no real case or evidence would be unpopular? Maybe Democrats have figured out you can’t impeach a president just because you don’t like the guy and that playing partisan games with our fundamental systems is a bad idea. Think about it, some day a Democrat will likely be president and if he or she thinks Republicans won’t return the impeachment favor we have a bridge to sell them.

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, they’ve set a terrible precedent that will likely bite them in the arse as these things usually do.

They will be very selective in the polls they push … this is fair.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

And interestingly enough that’s when the switch happened.

They are.

In fact it looks like they’re already working on a way to stall … pop your popcorn, folks.



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