What sort of mental gymnastics would someone have to do to claim Trump signing an Executive Order to fight anti-Semitism is actually a bad things for Jews? Welp, that’s exactly what this ‘perspective’ from the Washington Post claims …

Yeah, it’s WaPo, but this is dumb even for them.

From the Washington Post:

And thus it should remain. It is important to take measures to protect Jewish students from anti-Semitism on campus, but not at the price of classifying Jews as a nationality. This contradicts the feelings of most American Jews and opens up a dangerous discussion that really never existed in this country. In the end, in the name of protecting Jews from anti-Semitism, such a maneuver might lay the groundwork for a much more serious anti-Semitic threat.

So their argument is Trump fighting anti-Semitism only fuels anti-Semitism.

Alrighty then.

Trump could cure cancer and WaPo and others media outlets would find a way to spin it as a bad thing.

Or what he said.

True story.

Dreck is a word we don’t see used enough these days.

But orange man bad.



If Obama had done either of these things they’d have called him a great civil rights leader but since it’s Trump …



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