Bernie Sanders is still trying to play Santa for millennials and promising more free stuff while canceling student loan debt. Although most adults know there is no such thing as free and the only way that debt disappears is if the REST OF US pay it off.

But you know, details don’t much interest Bernie supporters, as long as they get their ‘free stuff’.

Carol Roth was more than happy to school ol’ Bernie on what cancelling student debt would mean for her and millions of other Americans:

Exactly. It would mean making people who upheld their end of a loan pay for those unwilling to do the same.

Maybe, although we think deep down Bernie knows what he’s doing, he just assumes the vapid people who might vote for him either really think he’s just cancelling their debt OR that they’re ok with him robbing others to give to them. You see a lot of Peters willing to vote for a candidate who promises to rob Paul for their benefit.

One person (careful with gender, right?) tried to compare cancer to student loans … don’t make that face.

Except people don’t agree to sign up to get cancer.

Because how dare Carol point out how shady it is for Bernie to promise to cancel other’s student debt with OUR tax dollars.


Yeah, ours does too.

And so is Carol Roth.



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