Most of us have been pointing and laughing at the House Democrats’ desperate attempt to make a case for impeachment against Trump where there really is none. They’ve been promising their base they’d impeach Trump since he took office, and considering they’ve accomplished nothing since taking the House majority in 2018, they need this.

But they ain’t gonna get it.

Don’t get us wrong, they may well ‘impeach’ in the House but it will only go downhill for them in the Senate, which is probably why Schumer is trying to stall.

Byron York explained it far better:

Weakest impeachment ever.

Huh, wonder what changed their minds?


Yup, let’s do this. House Democrats made their weak-ass case, let’s start the judging.

And as usual, their base is right there, clapping like the seals they are.

They’ve already done that.

Hypocrisy abounds with Democrats … it has for a long, long time.


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