We realize what ‘The Hill’ was trying to do here, and that was paint Lindsey Graham as some sort of compliant Republican bootlicker for saying what Trump did by ‘investigating a political rival’ was ok.

Except it was ok.

At the time Biden wasn’t even a political rival …

Why wouldn’t a president be allowed to investigate corruption of the former administration? When you think about it, this whole thing is … well, insane. Annoying, neverending, shameless, and insane.

Tim Pool brought up an excellent point:

They’re not upset that Trump investigated corruption, they’re upset because he investigated corruption of one of their OWN.

If this was about Ted Cruz or some other Republican you’d never hear a peep about it.

We see what he did here.

Fair point.

Media have made a career out of gaslighting.

Why complicate it, right?

Also fair.

Winning an election is impeachment-worthy!



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