You know, when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember things or figure them out.

They just are what they are.

But Democrats clearly haven’t figured this out just yet considering they’ve built a case for impeaching Trump on … well, nothing. The fact Nancy Pelosi is still accusing Trump of bribery but didn’t bother to place the actual crime in the Articles of Impeachment is very telling.

They’re all full of it.

Byron York pulled this:

The articles are very powerful.

No one is above the law.


Look at all those talking points she spewed when she didn’t really have an answer. She is a walking, talking bumper sticker at this point.


Not one.


And she knows it.

Yeah, that part is seriously disconcerting.

She acts as a doctor?



We can only hope BUT Democrats seem to be very slippery when it comes to making anything stick to them for any sort of consequences.

And this wins the day.



‘They said and did NOTHING’: Undercover Huber clears up incompetence vs criminal intent FBI/FISA debate and it AIN’T good

‘INSANE’: Tim Pool points out Dems are really outraged because Trump dared investigate corruption (of one of their own)

Gosh, we’re not experts or anything but these POLLS look really, really, REALLY bad for Dems trying to impeach Trump