Democrats have gone from mocking Mitt Romney for calling Russia our greatest concern to pretending Putin is the most powerful man in the WORLD rigging elections in other countries.

We realize we’re not dealing with serious people for the most part when we talk about our good, delicate, emotional, thin-skinned friends on the Left but c’mon already …

Like this tweet from Stefanie Iris Weiss about the UK General Election:

Yes. It makes total sense that after Putin forced the U.S to elect Trump he made the U.K. elect a Conservative majority. Certainly it can’t be that progressive policies like ‘free’ healthcare controlled by the government and massive taxation don’t appeal to the masses … it’s gotta be RUSSIA.


So much this. ^

We used to make jokes about this … now we see it’s a reality.



Until the Left can actually accept they’re losing based on their own policies and candidates they’re going to keep losing. And since we know they’ll never be able to admit their polices suck the losing will continue.

Ain’t it grand?



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