What started out as some sort of alleged ‘vindication’ for the FBI has turned into a total sh**storm for Adam Schiff. The IG report was first touted as some great exoneration for the FBI because it could not prove political bias in the investigation HOWEVER what it did prove has been very problematic for ol’ Schiff For Brains and the media.

Schiff went out of his way to knowingly impugn (big word, right?!) Nunes with a knowingly false memo.

Phil Kerpen explained it far better than this editor can:

This, all day.^

Damn, Schiff really is a horrible person.

Not even saying that as a biased writer who leans right … dude is just awful.

Hey! We covered Will’s thread too … if you want to see just how badly Schiff lied in the actual memo you can check it out here.

It was Paul Ryan.


We’d forgotten that.

That is the worst part. Well, Schiff’s freakishly bugged out eyes are really the worst part but this is pretty bad as well.

True story.

This is the guy who also tried to get naked photos of the president … he’s dirty.

WHOA, that would be a lot of complaints.




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