Yeah yeah, we know, David Hogg’s ’15 Minutes’ was up ages ago and to be honest this editor rarely if ever sees his tweets in her timeline much these days but this one … this one stood out.

And not in a good way.


Ok, so the tweet in general is a dumpster fire of stupid … calling America ‘an extremely segregated salad held in a bowl ‘built’ of institutionalized injustice, violence and genocide’ is pretty stupid in its own right (he must be reading AOC’s tweets) BUT the second part of the tweet about what he wants to do with that salad?

Oh boy.


We had to read through the tweet a few times to make sure it said what we really thought it said.

Adorable even.

The Left treats anyone and everyone who hates the right people and hates the right things like they’re heroes thus setting them up to fail.


There ya’ go!

Yup, that was this editor’s reaction.

And yup, this editor is totally immature.

Talk about low hanging fruit …

Ooh, ooh, we know!

That. ^

David did eventually figure out what he tweeted but only after someone ‘informed’ him.

And to think, David is Harvard bound!



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