After the shooting in Pensacola this week, the Left did what they always do and came out shrieking about gun control. Of course, none of them touched on the fact the gunman was in the Saudi military training program on the base (except to claim Republicans are POUNCING on this fact). Nope, they did what they always do …

And that’s call for guns to be confiscated.

Every time.

@Mellecon, a Conservative woman on Twitter called Warren out:

She’s right.

Which is probably why a troll showed up.

Yes, owning a gun is all about ‘interests.’

Note, we don’t typically write about ‘randos’ on Twitter unless the tweet is that good … or that bad.

And what ‘Scott’ wrote next was just that bad.

Told you.


Totally sane.


Gotta love those gun-grabbers.


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