The long-awaited FISA report will be making its appearance on Monday and Svetlana Lokhova was good enough to put together a ‘guide’ of sorts so the everyday person will have some idea of what’s actually going on here.

And from reading this, if she’s even remotely correct, this isn’t going to go well for our friends in the FBI.

Take a look.

The real action can start.

It’s about damn time.


Good way of describing this whole mess.

The scope was to avoid revealing the toxic nature of the Deep State and the Obama administration.


This is nuts, guys.

There was no collusion.

There was no quid pro quo.

There was no bribery.

Keep all of this in mind as the report drops and the impeachment nonsense continues. Democrats are trying to con the entire country because they never thought Hillary would lose and now they’ve got to cover their backsides.

Just spitballin’.



Pop that popcorn now, folks.



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