As Twitchy reported earlier, the suspected shooter in Pensacola was a Saudi military trainee. Before the news about the shooter’s identity broke, Twitter was all a flutter about how this was the NRA’s fault and of course, gun-grabbers were all over Dana Loesch trying to personally blame her.

And now that we know it was not some evil white conservative the narrative has switched gears from the NRA and white supremacists to blaming the gun.

Like clockwork.

Ben Shapiro summed it up perfectly.

There it is.

That too.

You know how we know Ben is spot on? Because the shrieking …

But Trump. Ok.

That’s not at all what Ben did but … k.

This may be one of the dumbest tweets we’ve seen in a long while and considering how many stupid tweets we read every day, that’s impressive.

This person might as well have said, ‘I’M NOT OWNED! I’M NOT OWNED!’

So owned.

Ben owns them every time … which is why they get so mad.



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