Man, we would HATE to be a Democrat trying to run against Trump with an economy like the one we have right this minute, especially after seeing that pretty amazing jobs report today.

No wonder they’re working so hard to try and impeach the guy.

Joe ‘Blonde Leg Hair’ Biden tried his very best to distract from the numbers and … it just didn’t go over all that well.

Nice try, Joe.

And sorry but PUH-LEASE, a job is about a paycheck. Most people work because they want to make money, they need to make money … dignity is nice but give us the green.

Right?! There is dignity in SO MANY Americans being employed, yo.

Trump musta had that magic wand Obama was talking about.


That. ^

Seems the ‘fat thing’ isn’t going away, Joe.

And Bingo was his name-o.

This went well, Fat. Err … Joe.



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