Andrew Feinberg is himself a journalist (firefighter, activist, what have you), so you’d think he’d be outraged that Adam Schiff abused his power to ‘spy’ on a fellow member of the press. But no, he’s far too busy calling Kimberley Strassel a ‘sycophant’ and claiming this sort of thing is routine.

It’s not.

Look at this …

Oh, the irony of someone who is actually gaslighting and projecting accusing others of doing just that. Imagine how absolutely gone someone has to be to NOT see Schiff seriously crossed a line here. Not to mention if the Trump admin ‘snooped’ on a member of the press they’d pound their little chests and cry about his unconstitutional attack on a FREE PRESS.

It’s all so tiresome.

Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio was good enough to set Andrew straight:

But he tried again.

‘We both know I hate Trump so I’m ok with whatever Schiff has to do to get rid of him.’

There, fixed it for Andy. Gotta keep him honest, ya’ know.

Susan continued.

And truly terrifying.

But you know, orange man bad or something.



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