Earlier this week, Bloomberg admitted Bloomberg News would avoid investigating Democrats even if his employees disapproved. Hey, at least he’s being honest, right? CNN continues to pretend they’re somehow unbiased and honest …

Brit Hume put Bloomberg’s decision into perspective (as he so often does with most things):

At least then it would be a bipartisan effort to avoid conflict of interest …

And if you look at Brit’s tweet, he wasn’t really saying anything controversial or snarky, just pointing out why this is a huge mistake on steroids.

That didn’t stop the trolls from screaming about Fox News though:

Rarely does Brit interact with the trolls but when he does, it’s so good.

Gavel-to-gavel coverage.

That is EXACTLY what we’re seeing.

Notice he didn’t even have to say, ‘Sit down’.

We’ve known all along …

This sounds like a lovely idea.

It’s just becoming noise …



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