Nothing says you’re being brave breaking your so-called silence like talking to a Leftist writer at a Leftist rag where you know they’ll make you feel special and support any narrative you want pushed as long as it serves their purpose as well. We’re not entirely sure what Lisa Page was thinking when she gave her exclusive interview to Molly Jong-Fast and The Daily Beast but we should send her a thank you card because HOO-BOY, so much Twitchy fodder.

Thanks, Lisa. Yer a giver.

Byron York seems about as impressed with the piece as we were:

There are several problems with that article.


It’s a puff piece, trying to look for actual content or meaning is … well, meaningless.

There’s a joke here about Rick Wilson, an orgasm, and Trump but to be honest this editor hasn’t had enough caffeine yet to make it.

Seems Rick might not be familiar with what an actual orgasm sounds like.

Wait … is that the joke? Nope. Sorry.

Well, she took that line from Rick so we’re not sure she’s the confused one here.

Getting closer to that joke.

It’s 2019 and we’re debating what an orgasm sounds like.

THAT’S the joke.

God bless America.



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