According to John Solomon, there are a dozen document TROVES that could change the Ukraine scandal if Trump released them. WHOA! Just how many documents are in each trove?!

No wonder Schiff’s eyes are always so bugged out.


There are still wide swaths of documentation kept under wraps inside government agencies like the State Department that could substantially alter the public’s understanding of what has happened in the U.S.-Ukraine relationships now at the heart of the impeachment probe.


Trump, dude, what are you waiting for?! Could it be something he’s holding back on in case Democrats are stupid enough to allow impeachment to actually go to the Senate? Maybe this is another one of those 4-D chess things.


Navy Seal of investigative reporting.

Huh, that works.

They wouldn’t release them … they’d ‘leak’ them and then pretend the person who did the leaking was some great patriot or something.

Because they blow. #SorryNotSorry



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