Tom Nichols shared his ‘controversial food opinion’ on Twitter and we’ve gotta say, we have seen Tom dragged pretty badly for always pretending he’s the smartest guy in the room but this was something else. This editor almost felt sorry for him.


It all started here.

He’s wrong, of course, but even we were surprised by how angry tweeps got at him over this tweet.

Awww, poor baby.

Tom should just eat some naan.

Considering how hard Tom has seemingly worked to appease our good friends on the Left their response to his tweet on Indian food is truly *chef’s kiss*

You guys remember Saira, right? She has had some horrible takes about how much she hates white people in the past … you member. Tom ticked her off. Heck, she even started a hashtag: #MyFavoriteIndianFood

But this gal, Shailja Patel?

Wow, he really pissed her off:

She went into an entire thread.

This editor may have enjoyed this dragging a little more than she should have but if anyone had it coming …

Pretty insensitive there, Tom.

Crudest and ugliest way.



Ok, so ultimately people losing their shiznit over a silly Twitter game (and that’s really what it was, folks) is pretty freakin’ ridiculous BUT considering it was Tom ‘I’m Smarter Than Everyone’ Nichols who incurred the wrath of unhinged Twitter … golf clap.



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