Leave it to The Economist to try and make motherhood into a bad thing.

From The Economist:

IT IS well known that parenthood tends to hurts women’s careers but not men’s. Numerous studies have shown that as a group, having children lowers women’s lifetime earnings, an outcome known as the “child penalty”. A wide range of individual decisions account for this effect. Some women work fewer hours, or not at all, when their children are young. Others switch to jobs that are more family-friendly but lower-paid. There is also substantial variation in the size of the earnings decline, ranging from zero all the way up to 100% (in the case of women who stop working altogether).

Because you know, men don’t take time to raise families or anything.

And c’mon, ‘hurts’ careers? What a terrible outlook on motherhood.

HA HA HA HA, that works.

Sorry Economist tools, Motherhood rules.

Deal with it.



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