Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats in general have been working hard to make sure only certain bits and pieces of testimony and evidence have made it out to the public. Schiff himself changed the rules, silenced witnesses, shut questioning down … he really and truly made an a*s out of himself during the impeachment hearings.

At least the ones he allowed us to see.

One has to wonder why they’d be so desperate to control the narrative around Ukraine and the 2016 election.

Ok, not really, we know why BUT it’s fun to needle those jagoffs with it, right?

Sharyl Attkisson put together a timeline of the ‘alleged sabotage’ (alleged) of Trump in 2016 by … you guessed it … Democrats and Ukraine.


The heads of two Senate committees are asking the FBI and the Department of Justice for records related to a reported scheme by Democrats to get “dirt” on the Trump campaign from Ukraine in 2016.

According to reporting in Politico in 2017, the alleged efforts by Democrats and Ukraine to “sabotage” the Trump campaign in 2016 did impact the race, even though Trump won in the end.

Both Politico and Yahoo News interviewed a Democratic National Committee (DNC) consultant named Alexandra Chalupa.

Democrats have repeatedly claimed the reporting on Chalupa, her work for the DNC, her meetings with Ukrainians, and her meetings with reporters in Ukraine and the U.S., is “debunked” and a “conspiracy theory.” In public accounts since the original news articles, Chalupa has claimed her role and intentions have been misrepresented.

Her article is bonkers and worth a read.

The media’s job has been to spin, spin, and then spin some more.

Just like the Democrats’ job has been to deflect, distract, and try to destroy Trump before the real story of how they worked with Ukraine in 2016 to sabotage his campaign gets out there.

It’s all starting to line up, no wonder Schiff’s eyes have been bugging out of his head more than usual.



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