Adam Schiff was busy on the Sunday morning talkshow circuit yesterday trying to make his case that the impeachment hearings weren’t a total sh**show. He appeared on both NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ to pretend he’d somehow proven Trump is guilty … of something.


Then he took to Twitter and shared a clip from each show once again trying to make his case.

And yeah, no.

The only one making any farcical claims is ol’ Schiff For Brains.

See, Schiff knows either people watching MTP didn’t actually watch the hearings OR they were too stupid to know what was going on so he used this opportunity to spin some talking points in hopes that uninformed viewers would take off running with them.

And he’s doing the same thing here on Twitter.


Dude is so full of SCHIFF.

Two different accusations against Trump that he and his cohorts failed to prove. Oh, and the dig at Republicans is super adorable.

From what we’re seeing in polling, Schiff has done nothing but hurt his own party.

Perhaps Trump should send him a thank-you card.



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