Man, those impeachment hearings were a total dumpster fire, right? Between witnesses contradicting one another (and getting caught flat-out lying) and watching Adam Schiff’s eyes bug out of his pointy little head more and more, it was an exhausting week of stupid. Now, don’t get this editor wrong, she had a good bit of fun dragging TF out of Dip-Schiff and there was Twitchy fodder EVERYWHERE … just sayin’ if we needed a reminder of how stupid everything really is, that did it.

And good ol’ Sean Spicier (@sean-spicier), still our favorite parody in the Twittersphere, was front and center to mock Schiff, idiots hating on Thanksgiving, the actual impeachment hearings, and much more more. Speaking of excellent Twitchy fodder:

Any day is a good day for a ‘mom’ joke. Especially on Twitter.

It has literally been YEARS and they still don’t bother to look for the little blue checkmark that would verify this is Sean SPICER. It is Sean SPICIER … and they just don’t get it.


Sheila realized it was Sean Spicer, but she didn’t realize it was actually Sean Spicier.

And to think, she thought this was a dunk.

He could have daaaaanced, all night … he could have daaaaanced all night … and still have begged for more.

They are so hung up on that dancing show.

Our favorites are the yahoos who claim he’s the dumb one in the exchange.

So good.

What a bargain.

Sean may indeed be onto something.


Ronnie, he’s not that Sean Spicer.


All phrases used by people who are full of SCHIFF.

Don’t. You. Love. It. When. People. Use. Way. Too. Many. Periods. To. Make. A. Point?

So edgy.


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