Who does Jeff Bezos think he is? Making a huge donation to help the homeless and stuff … some nerve.

Greg Gutfeld was reminded of some other project Bezos attempted that would have helped a bunch of people as well but somehow it didn’t quite go through.

Whoohoo! Right?! If not for AOC Bezos would have created thousands of jobs in New York City and we all know any socialist worth their bread line would never ever want that to happen.

Success is for SUCKERS.

Rich people BAD.

It’s never enough.

Granted, these are the same yahoos who claim our richest who pay roughly 80% of federal taxes are somehow not ‘paying their fair share’ so we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box.

Sowell rules.

As they are with most things they try to ‘fix’.

Note, we did go to AOC’s timeline to see if she had responded (even when people don’t tag her she magically seems to find tweets about herself) but nope, at this point, she doesn’t have a whole lot to say about Bezos donating nearly 100 million to help the homeless.

We suppose if it’s not the government stealing tax dollars and doing the so-called ‘helping’ she’s just not all that interested.



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