Bret Stephens is learning the hard way that even if he and others come out against Trump the Left will never really accept them. Many on the Right have tried explaining this to the Never Trumpers but are often met with accusations of ‘selling out’ or ‘caving’ or ‘giving in’ when in reality we just know the Left is the Left, and even an anti-Trump ‘Rightie’ is still an evil, racist, Rightie.

But hey, we suppose Bret has to figure this out on his own.

Look at this bit from Morning Joe today … it’s pretty damn brutal.

Whoa boy.

Yeah, comparing Anand to Trump was probably not the brightest thing he could have done.

There’s gotta be a ‘bedbug’ joke in here somewhere.

Bret is currently trending on Twitter … which is usually not a good thing.

But orange man bad, right Brett?



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