We’re starting to understand even more about why Adam Schiffs-A-Lot is working so hard to pretend last week was some sort of a ‘win’ for Democrats. He must know when IG Horowitz finally makes known his findings it won’t look so hot for the pencil-necked representative from California.

Yeah, that’s sorta mean but to be honest, this editor feels sorta mean when it comes to Schiff.

Undercover Huber put together a thread about how even the New York Times is admitting IG Horowitz is likely to find some not so-great-stuff about Schiff and his merry gang of schmucks.

Schiff’s memo was wrong on Steele’s prior credibility.

You know Steele, right? The dossier dude?

Gosh, that seems kinda sorta important.


In other words, he just took THEIR word for it.


When even the New York Times is reporting this? Not good, Schiffty.

Perhaps we should look for things Schiff was actually right about, sounds like it would be a far shorter list.

They’ve all gotten so damn predictable.



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