Adam Schiff seemed less than confident during his closing statement during the impeachment hearings.


Brit Hume’s observation is spot on, as usual.

Schiff knows it didn’t work. Granted, the House may well still vote to impeach but let’s not pretend they wouldn’t have done so even without the hearings. Democrats convinced NO ONE outside of their liberal circle of their claim and honestly looking at polling across the country, they may have done more damage to their own party than anything else.

From the National Review:

To me, there’s little question such a call from the president — whether he was explicitly favor trading or not — is at the very least unethical and at most an abuse of power. Is it impeachable? That’s a political decision. Because, no matter how hard liberals try and convince you otherwise, the Trump presidency doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Republicans believe they’ve been living life under two sets of rules. Considering what previous administrations have gotten away with — and what many of the people now clamoring for impeachment helped them get away with — it’s difficult to blame them. Perhaps if Democrats and operatives within government hadn’t spent three years cooking up a fantastical Manchurian Candidate conspiracy to delegitimize Trump this impeachment inquiry might be playing out differently. As it stands now, the entire effort is drenched in partisanship. Which makes it extremely unlikely that many voters will be pried from their previously held positions. Nothing that’s been said during these hearings changes that fact.

Note, Harsanyi is such an amazing writer.

Seems no one felt all that sorry for ol’ Schiffty.

He was definitely crying on the inside.

You wouldn’t think so, and honestly we’re betting the last thing Schiff wants to do is allow the Senate to call him as a witness, but Democrats aren’t known for being the brightest crayons in the box so … anything is possible.

HA! Perfect.

But we’re thinking Pelosi may have … we hope not.



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