After two months, John Bolton has decided to grace Twitter with his presence once again and his first tweet back is … interesting. Now, he could have been writing a ‘headline’ of sorts to get people’s attention for when he shares whatever he plans on sharing in a book he’s probably selling, but to this editor it almost sounds like a threat as well.

Like he’s trying to make Trump sweat?

Then again, it could be this editor has had too much caffeine already today …

Stay tuned.

He’s going to spill his guts.

Or something.

Wonder how quickly the Left will turn Bolton into some sort of hero even though they’ve been telling us for years and years how he’s an evil war monger.


Told ya’.

So damn predictable, every time.

But he has a backstory to tell!

Actually it sounds like he has a book to sell … because of course he does.

See? We told you the Left would fall all over themselves pretending Bolton is some great warrior AS LONG AS he does what they want and tries to hurt Trump. Yeah, we know, Rubin thinks she’s a conservative … that’s adorable.


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