When a law professor who happens to be a Democrat is even calling your basis for impeaching Trump ‘shaky’ you know it’s not a good thing.

From The Hill:

Most importantly, Trump has gone to court to seek judicial review of these conflicts between the legislative and executive branches. He is entitled to do so, just as President Nixon and President Clinton did. Obama also sought such judicial review. What Trump cannot do is disobey a final judicial order. To impeach a president for seeking judicial review would itself be an abuse of our constitutional system.

Crimes may be revealed in upcoming testimony, but they need to be grounded in the criminal code rather than in the imagination of members of Congress. I have long criticized the poorly considered statement by President Ford that “an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be.” That often cited quote wrongly suggests impeachment is based on a purely political, not a legal, standard. Even if the House has broad license in impeachment, it does not have license to redefine crimes to fit impeachments.

Keep in mind, this article was not on Fox News, it was not written by a Republican or even a Libertarian. And the guy is a law professor … maybe Nancy and Schiff should just cut their losses and bail at this point because it doesn’t look good for them.

Like, at all.

Right? They have set a terrible precedent; we’re guessing if another Democrat ever ends up in the White House again he or she will face all sorts of Hell from the Republicans. #BuckleUp

And they’ll have Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to thank for all of it.

The whole thing has shed a troubling light on these diplomats and will likely backfire on Democrats during an all-important election year.

Way to go, Nan and Schiff-Head. Trump says thanks.



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