Kellyanne Conway was good enough to take the time to tag Adam Schiff in a thread thanking him for trying to impeach Trump … but we’re pretty sure Schiff-Head won’t be pleased with what she wrote.

We kinda sorta love it though.

And you will too.

We’re sure Trump is thankful as well, Adam.


And gosh, Democrats will definitely need Independents if they want to beat Trump.

Remember, Wisconsin was a key to why Hillary lost. Well, that and she was a horrible, terrible, soulless, evil, harpy of a woman with a history of corruption a mile long.

But yeah, Wisconsin was important too.


Adam did his part in showing America how corrupt his party is, and how desperate they are to unseat a sitting president just because they lost in 2016.


Sewing circle is so accurate for Schiff and his little gang of impeachment-wannabes.

If these polls are correct this very well could be, and in part Trump would have Schiff, Pelosi, and the Democrats to thank for it.

Delicious, yes?


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