Imagine how gone someone has to be to see Russian agents/trolls when any news that paints a Democrat in a bad light breaks. As Twitchy readers know, Joe Biden is a new grandpa (congrats Joe!) and a lil ol’ newspaper in Arkansas broke the story. For whatever reason, Julia Ioffe put on some extra heavy duty tinfoil over a quotation mark and implied the deputy online editor for the paper must somehow be connected to Russia.

Don’t make that face, I didn’t make the accusation, I’m just mocking her for it.

Turns out that nope, Maggie McNeary is not a Russian troll … gosh, I feel shocked.

And then she took a crappy situation and made something good out of it.

And again.

Atta girl.

Trump has driven a good many people ‘nuts’.

Psh, Ron Perlman has accused me of being a Russian asset at least a dozen times.

Same difference.


The life of a bot ain’t easy.

Whoa, mind blown.

‘Nuff said.


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