While the country is distracted by the Democrat’s impeachment circus, other investigations that are actually based in fact and evidence are churning right along. Granted, the last thing the media probably want to share is new information on the Peter Strzok case because it could very well prove what we’ve suspected from the get-go but still.

Undercover Huber put together a receipt-filled thread that makes Strzok look even worse:

‘Have we opened on him yet?’

What the Hell?

Comey has some ‘splainin’ to do.

But we’ve suspected all along that this investigation was personal and political and had nothing to do with protecting the country or our elections. They didn’t want Trump to win, he won … and they couldn’t have that.

And reading his texts it’s clear there is a personal issue here, on many different levels.


And as always, Huber shared his ‘receipts’:

Are the wheels finally starting to come off?



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