Jim Jordan was on fire today questioning Vindman … we believe it’s called ‘being grilled’.

Oh whoa nelly, watch this.

Vindman looks bad in general between contradicting statements, using his military service as a shield, and being snotty about his title. If Schiff was trying to find someone to testify even MORE unlikable than himself, he succeeded.


How the Hell can Vindman out the whistleblower if he supposedly doesn’t know who it is? And we LOVE LOVE LOVE how he slams Schiff for lying about knowing the whistleblower’s identity as well.

So Vindman was so concerned about Trump that he didn’t go to his superior because it was a really busy week.


Vindman is not having the best day, just sayin’.

Leakers are gonna leak.

And honestly, what this is starting to look like is a bunch of whiny bureaucrats who don’t like Trump.

They got NOTHIN’.

He did get awfully fussy when they called him, ‘Mister.’ HA!

Democrats sure can pick ’em … and we don’t mean that in a good way.



Soooo we’re done now, RIGHT?! Rep. Ratcliffe just basically debunked the Dem’s entire REASON for impeaching Trump (watch)

OOPSIE: Schiff steps in to help Vindman protect whistleblower during testimony and accidentally exposes another LIE (watch)

THIS seems important: NSC officials attempted to remove Vindman due to security concerns but were blocked by Obama holdover